Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Trip to the Market

1920's Chicago has so many fun places to role play or just visit.  I wanted to show off one of my favorites (mostly because I helped put it together).  The Chicago Corner Market, a staple in any city, family owned and operated.  Anne helped me in the store and I am set with my basket full of goodies to take home.

Now, what to cook for dinner?

Where is that chocolate?

Coat - Donna Flora "Bunny Brown" It comes with some cute bloomers and stocking too.
Skirt - Donna Flora "Odile" I couldn't find it in the shop so she might not sell it anymore but any skirt would work.

Hat- ElaiStar Designs "Grey Pinstripe w/Pearls"

Shoes - Star Child "Leopard Print Stiletto"  Free gift in the shop

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