Friday, November 23, 2012

52 Week Color Challenge Vintage Style - Barley Corn

Okay so this dress does not scream Barley Corn but it's close LOL.  I am standing in from of a lovely display car build by my darling husband Shep Moorlord.  If you looking for a low prim way to get a vintage look around your sim...come on down to the dealership today!!  (He promised to buy me shoes for the endorsement *winks)

Shepco Motors located in Chicago

Dress, Hair & Hat - Cilian'gel Boutique "Got Spiffy?"

Shoes - Ingenue "Freynii" Chocolate

52 Week Color Challenge Vintage Style - Juniper

The women of the 20's knew how to have fun and they found it in hidden speakeasy's like "The Naked Blues Club" in Chicago.

The Naked Blues Club located in 1920's Chicago

Dress - Choke "Gatsby" Seafoam (Mesh)

Jewelery - Eclectica "Chicago Diamantes" Pale

Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar

52 Week Color Challenge Vintage Style - Bittersweet

I am playing catch up again *sighs.  It's a perfect day for a hotdog and a ball game.  I am standing in front of Wrigley Field in 1920's Chicago.  A virtual replica of the original from the 20's (The ivy was added later but we had to include it).

Wrigley Field located 1920's Chicago

Blouse - Bilo Eclectic Designs "Betty Blouse" Orange Creme (Mesh)

Skirt - Bilo Eclectic Designs "Donna Skirt" Brown (Mesh)

Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar

Shoes - Pixel Mode " Baby T's" Plain Black