Tuesday, January 24, 2012

52 Week Color Challange Vintage Style - Iron

I am not sure if this is considered Vintage but I like the look anyway *smiles.  I took the picture but my wonderful talented hubby did his magic in photo shop...not much just a few little details.

Dress - Icing "Pinstripe Princess"

Necklace - je suis "Boheme" 

Clutch - ElaiStar "Silver Sequin Clutch"

Shoes - N-Core "Eternity Xtremeheel" Silver

Hair - Lamb "Bang Bang" Sun-Dried Tomato

Nails - Pixel Mode "Sculpted Nails V2" Gloss

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Vintage Valentine

Lingerie Boutique had it's Grand Reopening for the new main store located in 1920's Chicago.  I picked up a set from their Valentine's Day Special Lingerie Collection called My Sexy Valentine.  This was the most vintage looking but they have lots more to choose from...all sexy!!

***must be adult verified to visit, but worth it***

Lingerie - Lingerie Boutique "My Sexy Valentine"

Shoes - N-Core "Tribute" Noir

Nails - Pixel Mode "Sculpted Nails V2" Gloss

Ring - Zaara "Kashiti Bobble Ring" Silver

Necklace - Jordan Woven Diamond Necklace - I don't remember where this came from, my husband bought it for me a few years ago.

Hair - Analog Dog "Nine" Brown Sugar

Skin - Belleza "Elle" Deep Tan

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Vintage Gold and Silver

I took over my husband's man cave to take these pictures of this gorgeous dress by Sonatta Morales.  No jewelry needed as this dress sparkles and shines all by itself.

Dress - Sonatta Morales "8 Regent's"

Shoes - N-Core "SOUL XtremeHeel II" Caramel

Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar

Skin - Belleza "Elle" Deep Tan

Monday, January 16, 2012

52 Weeks of Color Challenge Vintage Style - Indigo

I decided to show off my sexy husband Shep in this post for Indigo, he is wearing a very nice suit from 69 Park Avenue. I am wearing a lingerie set from Reasonable Desires.  What is nice about this set is you can change the color. 

I am such a lucky girl!!!

What I am wearing:

Lingerie - Reasonable Desires "Tintable Brandy"

Shoes - N-Core "Femme" Platine

Stockings are from Bettie but I couldn't find the store.

Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar

Skin - Belleza "Elle" Deep Tan

What he is wearing:

Suit - 69 Park Avenue "Wise Guy" Deep Purple

Shoes - Swank Brothers "Oxfords" Black and White

Monday, January 9, 2012

52 Week of Color Challange Vintage Style - Coral

So, I am going to give the color challange a whirl.  I think the biggest challenge will be to keep the look vintage.  In this outfit I have the jacket layer to a dress from Fishy Strawberry "Silk Gauze Dress" and a feather skirt from Coco.  To make it even more vintage I added a feather headband from ElaiStar and a Feather Wrap from Eclectica.  My husband Shep took the pictures and photo shopped them just a little. 

Top - Fishy Strawberry "Silk Gauze Dress" Coral

Skirt - *Coco* "Feather Skirt"

Wrap - Eclectica "Feather Evening Wrap" Just Beautiful Black

Headband - ElaiStar "Black and Greay Feather Headband"

Shoes - N-Core "Tribute" Noir w//Brown Stockings

Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar

Skin - Belleza "Elle" Deep Tan

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Vintage Desires

It's hard to find sexy lingerie that is period (they covered up too much) so I have to take some liberties.  I think this look is close to vintage and it's sexy without showing everything, not that I mind showing everything.  My wonderful hubby likes more skin but isn't that most men? I took these pics in our bedroom at our Chicago apartment. 

He is patiently waiting for me to finish.

Outfit - Pheonix Rising "Exhale" Silver
Necklace - Eclectica "Pearl Mixables" Black
Shoes - N-Core "Femme" Platine
Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar
Skin - Belleza "Elle" Deep Tan
Poses - Bang

Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Trip to the Market

1920's Chicago has so many fun places to role play or just visit.  I wanted to show off one of my favorites (mostly because I helped put it together).  The Chicago Corner Market, a staple in any city, family owned and operated.  Anne helped me in the store and I am set with my basket full of goodies to take home.

Now, what to cook for dinner?

Where is that chocolate?

Coat - Donna Flora "Bunny Brown" It comes with some cute bloomers and stocking too.
Skirt - Donna Flora "Odile" I couldn't find it in the shop so she might not sell it anymore but any skirt would work.

Hat- ElaiStar Designs "Grey Pinstripe w/Pearls"

Shoes - Star Child "Leopard Print Stiletto"  Free gift in the shop

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Dancing The Night Away

This is one of my favorite formal vintage dresses from Goddess Apparel.  I love the elegance of it.  I don't wear the normal vintage hair as it just doesn't look realistic so I opt for styles that are close.  I don't wear the vintage shoes either ( I am very picky about my shoes). 

Gown  - Goddess Apperal "Lady Gatsby" in Ivory & Tan

Hair - CaTwa "Lolwa" Blood

Jewelry - Zuri "Sparkle Sky Gem Change"

Skin - Belleza "Elle, Deep Tan"

Location - 1920's Chicago "The Hotel LaSalle"

Monday, January 2, 2012

1920's Chicago - Vintage Fashionista

During my time running a 1920's themed sim I have acquired quit the vintage wardrobe.  I haven't seen a vintage blog so I thought I would start showcasing a few of my outfits.  We have several fabulous designers that have shop's on our sim so I thought it wouldn't hurt to showcase them as well. 

My "Flapper out on the town" outfit is a dress designed by Cilian Shepard of Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique, accessorized with jewelry from Tiffy Villa of Eclectica and N-Core shoes (my favorite shoes of all time!!!). 

Dress  Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique "Got Charley" - Pink Set

Jewelry  Eclectica "Enchant" Pearl Set-Silver

Shoes  N-Core "Essence" Graphite
I am wearing black stockings option.  I did have to adjust the color a bit to match the stocking I have on. 

Skin - Belleza "Elle, Deep Tan"

Hair - Analog Dog "AD 17" Brown Sugar

Car  Monarch Motors "Imperial Royal Sapphire Town Car"