Monday, January 9, 2012

52 Week of Color Challange Vintage Style - Coral

So, I am going to give the color challange a whirl.  I think the biggest challenge will be to keep the look vintage.  In this outfit I have the jacket layer to a dress from Fishy Strawberry "Silk Gauze Dress" and a feather skirt from Coco.  To make it even more vintage I added a feather headband from ElaiStar and a Feather Wrap from Eclectica.  My husband Shep took the pictures and photo shopped them just a little. 

Top - Fishy Strawberry "Silk Gauze Dress" Coral

Skirt - *Coco* "Feather Skirt"

Wrap - Eclectica "Feather Evening Wrap" Just Beautiful Black

Headband - ElaiStar "Black and Greay Feather Headband"

Shoes - N-Core "Tribute" Noir w//Brown Stockings

Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar

Skin - Belleza "Elle" Deep Tan