Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ms Vintage SL Pageant

We are looking for Ms Vintage SL 2013. 

1920's Chicago is hosting Ms Vintage SL Pageant December 16th @ 12:00pm SLT.  The Pageant is open to all..will you be the winner?

You can choose vintage styles from 1900 - 1950
How to enter:

1.  Fill out the attached note card to be eligible for the pageant and join the group listed in the note card.  Send your note card to Starla Huntress.  (IM Starla Huntress inworld to get a note card)

2.  Style two outfits, a day look and an evening look.  Submit your style card to Starla Huntress by November 23rd.  Style cards consists of a picture of yourself in the outfit and the names of each item and who designed it.

3.  You will need to be available for practices in December before the pageant.  Contestants who do not show for practice will be disqualified. (Dates and Times will be decided later)

1st Place Winner gets 5000L
2nd Place Winner gets 3000L
3rd Place Winner gets 2000L

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