Friday, April 20, 2012

52 Week Color Challenge Vintage Style - Bright Turquoise

What a find!!  And right here on my own sim too....this great flapper dress from Cartunno Couture.  Comes with pearls, a unique and fun head piece, and lovely scarf. 

Shot on location at The Empire Burlesque Theater where we caught the end of the rehearsal for their 1 year anniversary show "Chicago's Grease". (Actually we didn't catch it, I am in it lol).  If your looking for a great way to spend your Saturday night you have to see this show!!!

More information about the show:

Premieres April 21st @ 7:30pm SLT

What I am wearing:

Dress - Cartunno Couture "Great Gatsby-Jordan Flapper" Turquoise

Shoes - N-Core "Soul XtremeHell II" Oasis

Hair - Analog Dog "17" Brown Sugar

What Shep is wearing:

Suit - Swank Brothers " Grey Pinstripe"

Shoes - Swank Brothers "Oxford Dress Shoes" Black and White