Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Men of Chicago

If you don't know my husband and I own a Role Play/Theme Sim 1920's Chicago.  It's an amazing built city with lots of places to explore.  These guys spend there time lurking in alleyways or hanging at the speakeasys keeping and "eye" on business.

"The Boss Man"  Mr Moorlord
Big Jim...the ladies love him!!!

Fat Tony...don't borrow money from him!!!

The well dressed gentlemen in Chicago gets his shoes from Swank Brothers

There are great places to get suits including 69 Park Avenue and Star Child Designs


  1. Great work, Mrs. Huntress! Keep up the good work on the reviews... especially for men (who generally need a lady's eye to stay fashionable)!

  2. Thank you very much...I will try to do some more men's fashion.